Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is one genre of photography in which the picture comes out well when we follow the photography rules. But trust me, the portraits come out of the box when we know the rules and we know how to break them.
A little randomness into your portrait photography will make our picture thesaurus.


1. PerspectiveDSC_2588

We are always taught to click a portrait from the eye level, but a little alteration in the perspective can surely turn around your portraits to a Wow factor.
Get up high and shoot down on your subject or get as close to the ground as you can and shoot up. Either way you’ll be seeing your subject from an angle that is bound to create interest.

2. let us Play with EyesDSC_2500

Eyes are the gems for a portrait . I believe, once the eyes started speaking, the picture comes out lively .

 Looking off camera –DSC_3692

Off camera pictures, make the onlooker wonder where the subject is looking and in this way we can accelerate the candidness of our picture. The picture out-stand when the subject has some emotions in the face ( sad, happy , smile, surprise, etc..).

3. Break the Rules of CompositionDSC_2898

Know the rules of photography and break them creating some new eye catching pictures.
” cherry on top ”
The Rule of Thirds is one that can be effective to break – placing our subject either dead centre  can sometimes create a powerful image .


4. Experiment with LightingDSC_2838

In every genre of photography lighting is the key factor. Once we learn the lighting, we can create great pictures.


5. CandidlyDSC_3427

A candid looks better than a posed or staged picture, we should try the candid more.


My job as a portrait photographer is to seduce, amuse and entertain – Helmut Newton