Pick out your favorite pictures you have ever taken , and earnestly study those pictures of yours. Go into your bedroom, turn on some music and look at those photos.
Eventually, you will find yourself in those pictures of yours. It is about who you are as a person that defines how you think , It’s not about the content of the picture but it speaks about the Photographer who took it , then you will figure out why you are doing Photography.
In my case , I basically try street photography, so when you walk on the streets you find 7 other photographers bursting the shutter at the same time at the same spot, there is no way each one will get the same picture , there will be certain differences in the frame and those differences describes who you are.
It’s not about the paid money that you get from all the professions of Photography, but it’s all about the emotions and the passion attached to it.
Always try to learn the passion , if you are honest with the passion , money will follow your back.


Photography is one of the only language we won’t be able to master until our last breath . So, the thing we can do is to learn from the day to day life.

I do get messages , my friends asking me why I don’t take part in Photography competitions , or why don’t I compete my pictures with others . Well ,for me my pictures are very precious  and I don’t know how far am i as a photographer , I try to capture the human emotion and their many moods , and I always make sure that ,I don’t play with those emotions to compete with some other pictures or make any benefit for myself , I certainly exhibit my pictures only to show the story behind.